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Saturday, January 19, 2013

What is That There in the Water?

This morning instead of getting on the elliptical or putting in an exercise dvd I decided to walk to the mailbox and back.  Roundtrip it is a mile.  It's a down the hill up a long hill and return type of terrain.  On my return trip I took a detour since it was such a lovely morning and followed the trail through the glen.  This was originally a deer trail that we have maintained through the years now and it's a much more gradual climb back up to the house then coming up the driveway. There's a very small creek in the glen that the trail mostly follows.  Sorry no photos this time because no camera along on the walk.

Lots of trees have come down in the glen since the derecho last summer so fording the creek is no longer possible at one point and I had to detour following a new path the deer have created.  I did return to the second ford of the creek just to see it.  And what did I spy there?

A shard of an old pot. 

After pulling out that piece I checked further up stream and found this smaller piece. 

And this one.

Here is what I saw on the front.  From that I can picture the wide mouth pottery jar.

I know there is a trash pile somewhere upstream because we have found other artifacts.  I'll have to put on boots and go looking again very soon before the leaves and the bugs return.  Something to look forward to.


HolleyGarden said...

It is always interesting what is left behind. I wonder if you'll eventually find the pieces to the entire pot! That would really be a fun artifact!

1st Man said...

That is AWESOME! I'd love to find stuff like that on our property. Alas not sure I'd find anything, at least above ground, but underground, that's what I hope to do with the metal detector! Those are great, I hope you save them...they'd be great put in one of those old huge mason jar type jars.

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