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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Address Book

I have only had three address books in my long life. 

This one  I bought yesterday at the Hallmark store is the replacement for my 2nd one, below.  
 I went looking for my first one before writing this blog but couldn't find it in any of those spots I had stashed away old keepsakes.  That first one was brown, about 2"x 3"and a gift from a maiden aunt as a high school graduation present, if memory serves me right.  I made the mistake of writing in it with pen so that as people's addresses changed I had to cross out and enter them again.  I had that address book through college and then after I was married and based on the entries in my second address book, until at the latest 1986.

The nice thing about the second address book was that it had looseleaf sheets and more space to enter information.  And I was so good about writing in pencil, mostly, that it stayed fairly neat for many years.  As you can see from above, other sheets got stuck in there as did sticky notes.  But this Christmas as I did my Christmas cards, I realized there were too many crossed out people in there.  Like acquaintances from when I worked for the federal government 28 years ago.  And aunts and uncles who had passed away.  Doctors we no longer used.  Out of date phone numbers and information about commuter buses.

It was time for a new address book.  So now comes the task of entering the addresses and phone numbers of family and current friends.  There will be old friends in there too because many have lasted through the years and though we may not see them as often at least there's always Christmas time to catch up.  There are new addresses in there too of friends made on the internet and nieces and nephews off to college so deserving their own entry now. It's an improvement over the last address book because it has space to note Christmas cards sent and received (something I did in the margin before), and space for birthdays.  Now the spaces for fax and email won't be used - I'll stick to the computer address book for that.

I wonder how long this one will last.  Let's see 1969-1986 was 17 years, 1986-2013 was 27 years.  I guess it will be 37 years. Until 2050?  Guess how old I'll be then?


Betsy Adams said...

I don't even have an address book anymore. We keep all of our addresses online these days --in an Address Book program... I keep back-ups and the book is also kept on my iCloud site online --where I can get to it at anytime. Works for us.


Marcia said...

Just like I prefer holding a book to holding a Nook or Ipad to read, I'll never give up the address book. Call me old-fashioned I guess. Each to their own.

1st Man said...

I think it's awesome to have an address book. I can honestly say, like Betsy said, all of my are on the cloud or in my phone. BUT, you have inspired me. I think I might have to search for a cool one for the farm. That would be neat on the desk in the foyer.

I do still send out real live thank you notes on occasion and I still send greeting cards instead of 'e-greetings'. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am also now on my third address book, covering 34 years. My address books look very much like yours lots of scribbling out and rewriting and page inserts stapled in. Real address books are much more reliable for me than my phones and computers, which get lost, fall in puddles, or self-destruct periodically.

Marcia said...

I think its the extra spaces to note things that I like about my address book. For instance even though my dad is deceased I still put his name next to my mom's and noted his passing date. Did the same for my father in law who died 10 years ago this month. How can you do that on the computer? Too impersonal for me.

Marcia said...


Emily said...

Your second address book is the only one I ever remember. I remember having one of my own in high school but I don't know where it ended up. All mine are digital now.

Emily said...

I only every remember using your second address book. I remember having my own in high school but I don't know where that ended up. My addresses are all digital now, but could probably use a clean up of their own too.

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