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Monday, November 20, 2023

That Time of Year

 Getting ready for the big holiday coming in December.

Saturday I assembled our skinny tree. No lights.  Last year I took all the prestrung lights off because too many strands were out and I couldn't find the offending bulb causing it.  When I put it up Saturday I'd forgotten that I hadn't found new lights at the end of last season.  On the way home from church I got a set of LED mini lights 58 feet long and put those on Sunday.  Picture will have to wait until fully decorated.

I gave granddaughter #1 the task of arranging the lights on this ceramic tree. Notice Mary and a llama?  I brought those home from a craft fair at church.  Apparently Mary and the Babe had lost Joseph so they couldn't sell the set.  

Saturday my Advent calendar arrived from Larkin Tea Company, my source for lea leaves. Each day will be a different tea to try!  Can't wait.

I'm almost done with the Christmas gift shopping too.  Now to tackle Christmas cards then get on with the rest of the decorating.


Tom said... sure are organized, good for you!

Anvilcloud said...

I take it that you won't be needing to use that patio door. 😎

acorn hollow said...

I have put up my tree but no decorations. I don't have many to shop for.
You are very organized great place for the tree

Fun60 said...

I haven't even started yet. I think I've got a few very busy days ahead.

Faith said...

I bought a pencil tree for this year as well!! Mine is only 5 feet. it's cute but it won't be able to hold ALL our ornaments nor the larger star. I plan on putting it on my piano bench in the corner of the living room (or possibly family room...haven't decided yet) and then drape a xmas cloth around the entire thing so you don't see the piano bench. I needed smaller due to back issues and hubby refuses to help with decorating. Yours looks nice and that little ceramic tree is so iconic!!

Vicki Lane said...

You are well beforehand! I have to get through Thursday before I tackle Christmas cards and gifts.