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Friday, April 16, 2021


 This appeared in the newsletter I used to edit when we lived at Vantage House.  I don't know if the writer experienced this or this is relating someone else's story.  Seems to me I have heard this before.  Worth sharing again for those who do pick up the phone not knowing who is calling (something we no longer do).

Don’t Fall for This Scam

I just got a call from a 304-area code. Thinking it was someone I know in West Virginia, I answered. It was a man claiming to be from customer service (didn’t say what company only “customer service”). The first thing he asked was Can you hear me?”

I remembered something I saw on Facebook saying people are calling and asking if you can hear them, then using the recording of your “Yes” reply as a way to sign you up for all kinds of stuff.

So, I replied, “I hear you,” to which he again asked, “So you can hear me?”

Me: I hear you.

Him: I just need a yes or no.

Me: I hear you.

He hangs up. Without that story I would have answered “yes” the first time he asked.


Tom said...

...if a cal comes in and I don't know the number, I don't answer it. They can always leave a message.

Fun60 said...

I haven't heard that one before. My usual reply is Why?

Vicki Lane said...

Useful info!

Kay said...

Wow! Thank you for the warning, Marcia!