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Monday, November 23, 2020

Pre Sunset Walk

 We were due at daughter's for a pizza dinner on Saturday evening.  We said we'd arrive sometime between 4:30 and 5:00.  Just enough time then to take a walk/hike on a trail we pass every time we head south from Lebanon. Sunset is 4:15 here!

There were no other cars in the lot though in summer time there's typically no room in the small parking lot.  The map showed the path but there was a text balloon that said bridge out over the creek. We ventured on anyway.  And yes no bridge but lots of rocks.  

We had to look for just the right spot to cross and Dan found it.

Picture above is looking back after crossing.  I had to sit down on that log and place my feet on the small rock below.  Then made a very big step to next rock where Dan stood holding his hand out for me.  I had my hiking stick to help with balancing.  From there it was a step to rock on bottom right and then I was across.

I realized after crossing that the return trip was not manageable for me so we headed up stream to find a  spot to cross back when we needed to.  Luckily it was shallower.  And though there were a few rocks, I just stepped right in to the water to cross.

This creek is a popular swimming hole in the summer.

We got back to the car as the sun set.

At daughter's house she had a new pair of socks to give me - an early Christmas gift.  My shoes and socks went to the hearth to dry.

Pizza was delicious as always.


Anvilcloud said...

I am impressed by how nimble you are.

Tom said...

...this looks like a walk in the Adirondacks.

Barbara Rogers said...

I remember many an enjoyable hike which included rock-hopping on purpose in streams...just a way to travel up them, from rock to rock. And usually it was summertime, so no danger in falling off into the cool water. Not these old bones to do again. So glad I did such as a younger 40 something person.

Fun60 said...

Fortuitous that your daughter had some new socks for you. I don't enjoy wading through streams in the summer or winter. Not keen on getting my feet wet.

Margaret said...

I have terrible balance, so I would end up in the water. Pizza is one of my favorite foods! Sunset is at 4:26 here. Ugh. `

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Our sunset today was at 3.55, not that you'd have known because we couldn't see the sun! That's a pretty little stream to follow.

Bonnie K said...

What fun! Why is it easier to get into thins than to get out. Glad you found a way to cross.