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Sunday, November 1, 2020

A Must Listen to Sermon

If you are an undecided voter in Tuesday's election, watch this sermon video. Link is the photo below.

If you've voted already for Biden, it will affirm your decision.

Friends form Maryland shared this church's Sunday streaming service with us.  This is the second Sunday we have attended church at Asbury First Methodist in Rochester, NY remotely. We have listened to services from churches here in New Hampshire, but have not heard the type of sermon we were craving since we left our church in Maryland.


Kay said...

And yet...
I wonder if even this would change any Trump supporter's mind. I'm not so sure.
I believe they belong to another cult.

Tom said...

...Asbury First Methodist is a FABULOUS, progressive church. My two youngest granddaughters attended Universal Pre-K at Asbury, that and its many other outreach programs help to make this community a better place.

Margaret said...

How does one change the mind of people who are completely brainwashed? I'm losing hope that any of them will see reason, fact or even common sense. I've already voted for Biden, but I will watch anyway!