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Sunday, August 2, 2020

NH Living

Swimming in all sorts of bodies of water is the thing to do here in New Hampshire when it gets hot.

Our very first Saturday, daughter Emily invited us to join them at a local creek for a cool dip.  Since our things had not arrived by van we were without bathing suits so we came to dip our feet.

We were to meet at one spot along School Street where there was parking for three cars.  Fortunately we arrived at exactly the same time because there were no parking spots available and we were able to follow them to another access point.

The water wasn't deep but the granddaughters had fun.

The next Saturday Dan and I went exploring.  I'd read about Sculptured Rocks State Park in Yankee Magazine and had bookmarked the directions years ago.  It was a beautiful drive east.  What we hadn't considered was that it was Saturday and the parking lot was full. Turns out it's a popular swimming spot too.

We drove past the lot and the signs along the road that said no parking.  We found a spot to pull off and eat our sandwich.  Then resolved to drive past the lot again and if there was a spot we'd stop to see it, but if not we'd go on.

No spots in the lot but farther down the road there was a pull off where there was no sign to stop us from parking.  We walked back to view the rocks and river.

The sounds of people enjoying the water filled the woods.

Can you see the guy below in the rapids?

Here's the NH Park's description: Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, which spans 272 acres, is a unique example of nature's powerful yet delicate artistry. The Cockermouth River carved a narrow canyon in bedrock on its way to Newfound Lake, beginning as the last ice age drew to a close. Nature used grains of sand suspended in the current to carve the walls of the canyon into curious shapes and create potholes in the bedrock.

I'm not sure I'd enjoy swimming among those rocks.

Here's another swimming spot this time in Vermont in Windsor.  We arrived here Thursday morning to join Emily and granddaughters. They like to swim early before all the local campers come and before the lifeguards go on duty.  They can wear swim aids then.

It was another beautiful day.  We didn't wear our suits on this day either because we had appointments later to get our drivers licenses in Newport with the DMV.

We will return to swim someday soon.


Gosia said...

Your news place looks friendly and welcoming

Cynthia said...

The river looks like a perfect place for children to play in the water and grownups to cool off hot summer feet! So nice you can share these days with your grandchildren.

Tom said...

...few things beat nature's swimming holes.

Frugally challenged said...

That looks idyllic! Glad you are settling in.

Terra said...

What a fun place to cool down, and it is beautiful too. It reminds me of swimming holes of my childhood.

Anvilcloud said...

Those spots look very appealing.