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Monday, January 22, 2018

Scotland: On the Way to Loch Lomond

Continuing to post photos on our Fall trip to Scotland.

The 3rd full day there we decided to venture farther afield, testing Dan's ability to stay to the left when driving.  

We set as our destination on the sat/nav (gps) Loch Lomand.  You know the song "You take the high road and I'll take the low road, ..."

It was a real test of driving and when we arrived in this town of Killearn we had a near miss turning right in front of some cars.

To get our wits about us we stopped at this churchyard.

We took a walk about looking for a rest room.

NO signs on the church to explain how or why it had no roof.  Later research on the iPad back at our apartment in Dunblane revealed it was simply the church congregation outgrew this building and moved.

The town wasn't even listed in our Lonely Planet guide.  I thought the white washed buildings were pretty.

Killearn was the home of George Buchanan we learned from this sign.

There was this monument to him.  Did you notice it peeking out above the white washed buildings two photos above?

Here's the larger church I think.

The town monument to the Great War.

We continued on to Loch Lomond except it was the park offices and not a visitor center.  At least there was a restroom to use.  Then we found some lunch and continued on our way.


Tom said...

...it's easy to see that stone is plentiful, lovely sights!

Betsy Adams said...

NEAT...... Sometimes the most interesting places are ones we find by accident --and ones NOT listed anywhere for tourists. This was really a neat little town. That's the kind of town where I'd love to stay for a month or two --just to meet and live with the people....

Did you all see the musical, Brigadoon? That has always been one of my favorite musicals..... Oh --the heather on the hill!!!!!!!!


Margaret Adamson said...

Yes I agree with Bbetsy it is great when u find somewhere that the book has nit pointed u too. Great post.

Kay said...

I'm just loving seeing all these historical places through the lens of your camera.

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