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Monday, November 6, 2017

Scotland - Save the Galloway Hoard

The day we visited Edinburgh we spent most of the day at the National Museum of Scotland.  Fascinating place with excellent exhibits.  More than we could take in in one day so we focused on the old stuff.

The Galloway Hoard was on display on the main floor.  Read below what the hoard contains.

In order for Scotland to keep ownership of the hoard, a lot of money needs to be raised to pay the finder the market value.  (I think I got that right.)

Nothing is known of the individual who buried this hoard.  It was buried in two stages, likely for safe keeping - like a safe deposit box.  The bars of gold and silver were hammered arm bands, easier to store flat than curved they think.

Look at this gold bird.

A tangle of arm bands.

Silver broochs.

Another brooch, the only one of its kind.

Sorry this photo is lousy, but the vessel is jam-packed with more treasures including fabrics that have survived since the 10th century.

We made a donation to help save the hoard when we were there.  I was going to ask you to help save the hoard but as I looked for the website to link to I found an article that said it had been saved.  Good news.

To read more visit this website
Better photos are there, too.



Blogoratti said...

What a nice and interesting place to visit. And good to know the donations saved the day. Greetings!

Fun60 said...

Those treasures are amazing. In such good condition as well.

Cynthia said...

Have you ever watched The Detectorists on tv? It's a British show and I think we watched it on Netflix and really enjoyed it. Interesting that it was amateur Detectorists who made this find. So many interesting items and what a lovely peak into life so long ago.

Cynthia said...


Tom said...

...in this throwaway world of ours, it nice to see that things of historic interest are being saved. These items give a whole new meeting to 'old.' Thanks Marcia for stopping by, enjoy your week.

bettyl-NZ said...

What a fantastic find! I love all the artistic items that you shared with us. And, I am so very glad that it has been saved, too!

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