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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Orleans Cemetery

Tuesday morning January 10th we headed out of New Orleans with our next stop to be a beach in Alabama.  We would decide once we were there.  Before leaving town we parked outside Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District.

The wall around cemetery.

Had to find an open gate.

When we entered the cemetery we were met by an old gent, Terry Anderson, mostly toothless, rather bedraggled looking with a Vietnam Vets ball cap on his head.  He said he worked at the cemetery and proceeded to give us a tour.

The burial vaults looked rather worn.  Hurricane Katrina didn't help.  There was several feet of water here with that hurricane.

He was very knowledgeable, engaging, and we really enjoyed the tour.

At the end of our rounds Terry asked for a donation to the cemetery which we assumed was a tip to him.

There are lots of beggars on the streets of New Orleans.  We had our doubts if Terry was really employed by the cemetery but at least he is off the streets doing this which is better than begging.  As we left we recommended to people arriving to take the tour with Terry.


Gosia k said...

it is a really impressive cementary

Janet said...

New Orleans is definitely different! I have only been there once. So which beach did you choose? Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan?

Tom said...

...it's interesting that in New Orleans burials are above ground because of the high water table.

Margaret Adamson said...

These are huge tombs in that cemetary

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Looks a fascinating place - what is it with cemeteries?! A good call to tip Terry, I think - even if he was on the make.

Rose said...

Loved that gate, and there is another fence shot that i like, too.

Stewart M said...

Employee or not, seems like you got a good deal!

I think you have to embrace the crowds when taking pictures in India - not very many places where you avoid them!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Fun60 said...

Great description of Terry. As you say, worth a tip and I'm sure you made his day with your compliments.

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