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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Auction Results

Today is pick up day of the items sold in the auction.  Everything sold which is amazing.  Now we'll see if its all picked up.  If it isn't the buyer forfeits the purchase price.

MaxSold staff will be here to track who picks up what.  Small stuff gets picked up first.  Buyers bring their own boxes and wrapping paper.  The driveway is tricky so they have buyers meeting at a school nearby and coming over here when directed to.

Some of our neighbors and some of Dan's staff were winning buyers.  It really helped to advertise this locally which is what MaxSold suggested.  They advertised too in lots of media.

I highly recommend this auction service if you are faced with moving and downsizing or have an estate to liquidate.

1 comment:

Margaret Adamson said...

i am so glad it all went off so well. I am sure you are relieved.

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