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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Task Begun

When we moved into our house we had the primer paint tinted green.  This meant that some of our spaces did not need another painting.  Now 10 years have passed by and the pantry/laundry/mudroom/loft space needs painting.

To start the process I needed to empty the pantry.  That task started today but it means everything that was there has to be somewhere else while I paint.

Here is the pantry with the selves emptied and the start of removing the horizontal shelves so I can paint behind them.

Stuff has been piled on the buffet,

on and under a table set up in the front hall,

on the bar,

on the dining room table and another table beyond that,

and on a counter.

I am actually culling as I moved things out.  I looked at expiration dates for the food stuffs and considered whether a particular pan or small appliance I needed to keep.  My giveaway pile is growing.

Above is a portion of the laundry and loft.  See those high ceilings.  Dan will have to help with that.

The small roll top desk will have to be moved out too.

It's January.  No work to be done in the gardens or yard so what better time than to tackle indoor projects.

The new paint color is a pale purple or lavender.  We used it in our bedroom hall so we like the color. I need to measure to calculate how many gallons I need, then buy the paint and some new brushes and begin section by section.

What projects are you tackling this January?


Fun60 said...

I'm not tackling any project like that, all credit to you Marcia.

Tom said...

I hate to paint!

Margaret Adamson said...

I have no jet lag as there is only 2 hours difference although a little tired from my travels. Yes off to Costa Rica in under 3 weeks, then I WILL have jet lag! You certainly are being kept busy with the clearing out and painting of the pantry. Good to de clutter.

Dawn Y. said...

Such a big project, Marcia! You will feel oh-so good when everything is refreshed and repainted. It always feels like winter is my 'easy season' without time in the garden each day. This month, I'm back to Tidying Up where I left off for the holiday season. I'm also taking lots of fun classes, too! It feels great! ♡Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

Cranberry Morning said...

What a job! I have a closet, actually more than one, that needs the same treatment. It's a good idea to get everything out, for then you're committed to finishing it. But next week I'll have a young grandson here, and I don't think he'll want to clean closets. Yes, I follow Mike's blog. Isn't he fun! And so knowledgeable. I always enjoy it.

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