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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pond Clean up

A warm day here today, perfect for cutting back the growth around the pond. I have tried to do it in the fall because come spring there is so much else to do.  Also the dead leaves of the iris seem to be harder to trim and all laying down so harder to get too.  Besides it makes the pond look neater all winter long.

Here's the grass blocking the view of the pond.   I had trimmed this earlier this fall because it was making it difficult to drive in to my side of the garage.  Now the rest needs to go.

The iris ring the pond and need a good trimming too.

Here's the after with the grass and iris cut back.

I didn't have boots on so didn't wade in to trim the cattails or the iris growing in the water.

I'll wait until a very cold day when the pond is frozen to walk out on it to trim the cattails.  The dark plant in the background is the Joe Pye weed.  I'll wait until Spring to cut that down and use the stalks in my brush fence.


Fun60 said...

I admire the way you tackle these big jobs even when the weather is quite inclement.

Stewart M said...

Ready for spring. Would be nice to have an area like this in my garden.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Tom said...

What a. Fun job.

Kay said...

Oh my! And to think I was in Maryland although for only a couple of days. The colors were definitely beautiful there as your photos show.

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