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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Colors Beginning

It's the tulip poplars that are showing the most color change here.  Yellows, golds and browns are the predominant shades.

Usually it the black gum trees that show up red first but  the one below is not as far along as the poplars.

The pink muhly grass is a nice background shade to the garden.

The crepe myrtle has a mix of colors.

It won't be long before the trees are fully colored beyond green and then bare.


Betsy Adams said...

Very pretty Fall Colors... It looks quite a bit like what we have here. I will post a Fall Color blog post on Monday....

Hope the deer and other critters are staying away.


Fun60 said...

This is the most colourful season of the year. I went to Henley on Thames today to see the colours there but I was a couple of weeks too early as only a few of the trees had started to turn.

Margaret Adamson said...

Gorgeous autumn colours

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