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Friday, July 31, 2015

Tomato Tragedy

It must be the blight.

Tomato plants look terrible.

I know I should just cut them down but I want some tomatoes!

Butternut squash is fine.

Peppers too.

The weight of the fruit is bending the stems.

And it's such nice sized too,

Here's my basket full for today.  I pick some of the tomatoes if they are just showing color because I don't know what will happen to them if I don't.


Blogoratti said...

That's a healthy basket indeed. Greetings!

Margaret Adamson said...

pity about the tomato blight but your basket of goodies looks marvellous

Fun60 said...

Despite the blight you have plenty delicious looking veg to eat there.

1st Man said...

As someone above me said, yep, in spite of the tomato tragedy you have some lovely looking food and plenty more coming. Nice work! Enjoy!!

Dawn Y. said...

A basket filled with garden goodness, Marcia! I wonder what's happening on the vines? Wishing you better days in the garden!

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