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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scenes from Here

The morning light was yellow as I recorded what was blooming on this day in May.

The first of the irises with others showing promise of future lovely blooms in the weeks ahead,

These Johnny Jump-ups are volunteers growing next to the perennial garden compost bin.  I even transplanted some of them to other spots.  I hate to pull up something flowering at this time of year so there are other flowers not where they were ever planted.

The largest of the bleeding heart.

Forget Me Not under the tuteur for the clematis.

The first columbine.

Lilies of the valley outside Dan's study door.  After I took this photo I picked all that were blooming and brought them in (see below).  They have such a heavenly scent.  The ones that grow outside the front door won't bloom for another week or more because of the northern exposure there.  These get the warmth of the sun on the stone wall.

Ajuga blooms.

More Forget Me Nots among the creeping phlox which is really pink but not particularly in this photo.

More ajuga pond side.

Violets are scattered every where.

New fiddleheads.

The Japanese maple is such a lovely shade of red with its new leaves.

Here is the sign I ordered from Etsy DotTwoDotDesigns to commemorate the front garden in my Mom's memory.  It came out lovely.  We had a thunder storm come through at noon time so that's why there are beads of water all over it.

And I'm enjoying these flowers inside now too.

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Fun60 said...

As I was looking through your photos and recognising a number of the flowers, I kept thinking 'Oh my mum would like these!' You have three of her wild flower favourites - lily of the valley, forget-me nots and violets. My mum was born in 1920 so similar age to your Mum.

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