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Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Spring Colors

Just in time for Bloom Day, these appeared.

These crocuses managed to make their way through the leaves which have been a protection layer for the perennial beds all winter.  Can't remove it yet because another winter blast on its way here on Sunday.

Postscript - just discovered I posted similar photos for last year on this date.  A few more crocuses were blooming then but I thought that spring was so much earlier than this one.  Maybe not.


Stewart M said...

Seems that the world is still turning! Spring with you, autumn with me.

The trip to Arizona was for a conference - but (!) if we fly for more than 12 hours we get the next day off, and then I added on a day of leave - I think I was jet lagged for a week!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

HolleyGarden said...

When I look back at my photos, I am convinced that this spring is a couple of weeks later than last. I'm surprised your crocus are blooming on the same date as last year! They're gorgeous! And so exciting to see any sign of spring after this brutal winter.

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