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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Stars Are Here! The Stars Are Here!

The stargazer lilies that is!  They are the pink and white ones.  The white ones opened too but I don't know their name.

Here's what they looked like earlier this week.

And now!

And more are yet to open.

Now there are other blooms in the garden.  Coleus and New Guinea impatiens are loving the wet weather.

Shasta daisies going strong.

Newly opened day lilies but ...

as of today they are gone.  Not from blooms being done but deer having dessert.  It has not been my year for day lilies.

Purple cone flowers in full array.

Black eyed susans blooming, too.

But the rain has taken a toil on the creeping thyme.

This is what it should look like but there are sections looking like above all through the paths of the perennial garden.

Another day lily just a distant memory now.

The geraniums have recovered yet again from being on the meal plan.

And last but not least the liatris is blooming for the first time ever.


Betsy Adams said...

Good Morning, I love seeing what is growing in your yard... Overall, despite the deer, you have ALOT blooming --and OH, so pretty. Your solid white lily is called SIMPLON. It's a beauty -just like the Stargazer one... OH --how I love Lilies.

We have 42 daylilies in our yard this year --and I have worked hard at trying to learn their names... GADS--what a job.. I'll do a post tomorrow showing some of our daylilies.

We are still having deer problems too--but he seems to take a bite, not like it--and then move on... SO--it hasn't been too bad. BUT--we are spraying Deer Fence every few days now....


1st Man said...

Wow, SO SO pretty....nice job!!

Fun60 said...

What a joy your garden must be when you walk around. Those star gazer lilies are breathtaking. Thanks for visiting my blog about the Thames path. At the moment I am about 25 miles further on the walk than my posts. The getting to and from the path is going to become more and more difficult now that I am beyond London. I am anticipating a couple of hours to get me to tomorrow's starting point. I will have to find somewhere to stay when the journeys become longer. But some parts have the fast trains back to London whereas in other areas it is a long walk back to find any transport. All part of the challenge.

Stewart M said...

Nice flowers - it was cold at night - frosts on some mornings, but nice weather for a walk most of the day. You could wear a scarf at night for reasons other than it looks good!

Kids back to school today and me back to work - oh well!

Only about 12 weeks till the next trip away!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Jenny said...

Such gorgeous flowers!

eileeninmd said...

Your stargazer lilies are gorgeous. Your gardens and flowers look lovely! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

Lew said...

Gorgeous lilies! And quite a garden you have!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous flower shots! Luscious.

Arija said...

Lovely lilies, I have heaps of them too and will see them again when summer comes. Don't worry about the groud-cover thyme, when it dries out a bit, it will come good again. We cannot have perfection in the garden every year.

Noel Morata said...

beautiful lilies, that are so amazing to watch from budding to the final show, wish they could last forever!

I'm inviting you to join us with your travel images for Travel Photo Mondays next week, please link up with us :)

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