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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A July Harvest

Just in from picking in the vegetable garden.  The thunder was rumbling while I was there so I hope some rain is in the clouds for us.

My first 2013 cucumber.  Many more smaller versions out there to be picked in the days ahead.

Basil doing okay.  Some of the leaves have been nibbled by something but this bunch will go with the cucumber tonight.

A fair sized tomato.  Haven't had one for awhile after the first from the patio and Rutgers plants produced one or two each.  This one is also a Rutgers but ... something else got to it first.  I'll see what I can salvage.

A mess of green beans.  We have been enjoying these for the last two weeks and now my second planting is producing as well.  Just in time because the first planting is about spent.

These olive tomatoes are producing like crazy.  I pop these in my mouth for a snack.

Here they joined the bowl I had picked earlier in the week.


Margaret Adamson said...

hi All look good enough to eat. Margaret

Jenny said...

Your harvest looks wonderful! Too bad about the nibbled tomato (I have them too from rabbits) but the cherry tomatoes and cucumber make good salad and so jealous of those beans!

Betsy Adams said...

Wow----you have done GREAT with your veggies. They all look so good. We finally found some home-grown tomatoes to BUY --and oh my, are they delicious!!!!! YUM.. I'm sure that all of yours are fabulous.


W. Latane Barton said...

Marcia, your garden is doing great. It all looks wonderful but I especially eyed those green beans. Wish i could just reach through the computer screen and grab me a handful!!

Shawn Ann said...

Nice bean harvest and little tomatoes. They can produce like crazy that is for sure!

Stoney Acres said...

Looking very good this week! We love those small olive or cherry sized tomatoes for a snack as well. I can't wait for ours to start producing!!

Anonymous said...

That tomato looks like it is suffering from advanced sun scald, which happens if you don't have much leaf cover.

nutmeg gardener said...

Very nice! Oh, tomatoes, tomatoes! I can almost taste them! Haven't got my first yet.

Julie said...

Lovely harvests.. especially all those green beans!

Stewart M said...

Hi there - with one notable exception these look good! Just the sort of thing I need for my ankle! Cracked the base of the fibula where it goes over the bump of the ankle - big black plastic and velcro boot for another three weeks!

I need lots of minerals and vitamins!

Cheers - Stewart M

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