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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What has Sprung this Spring?

70º today.  Into the 80ºs tomorrow.  You call this spring? 

I took a walk around to capture what is showing itself in the gardens.  I was pleasantly surprised with some of my finds.  Here's an assortment of what has sprung.
Inside the tomatoes, basil and peppers are doing just fine.

Outside I've been slowly working my way around the perennial beds straightening the rock borders.  I've done three of 8 so far.  Washing screens took up a lot of outside work time this afternoon.
Found sprung: bleeding heart.  Here's one of three I have.

 Some daffodils are spent but other varieties are just coming into their own. 

 I should remember the name of this wild flower but right now the name escapes me.  This was a surprise I found today.

 My one and only rose is leafing out.
 Hostas are in varying stages of new growth.  This one is next to the house so its farther along.
 Another daffodil along the glen.  For some reason ...
 these daffodils turn their faces away from the house.  Well, I guess they like to face the south.
 This daffodil was newly planted last fall and at first I wasn't sure they would even come up.
 They did and this one has a trumpet problem.
 In the vegetable garden I have a decision to make about volunteer pumpkins.  They are coming from a pie pumpkin that daughter, Emily roasted here at Thanksgiving.
 My bed of broccoli.
 Wintered over spinach in the bed where new spinach has germinated.
 Assorted lettuces.
 Snow peas.
 Pak choi.

 In the front garden the daffodils have started to bloom and
 hydrangea is leafing out.  I didn't trim it back yet this year and may not or if I do not as drastically as in the past.
 More hostas.
 And finally the pond garden.  This is a chore I started last week but didn't finish.  I managed to cut down all but a few cat tails.  I haven't trimmed the water irises or the Siberian irises.  I may have plants to move too if we build a deck to the right side over looking the pond.


Jenny said...

Love your pictures. And hope you'll let that poor pumpkin grow :)

Emily said...

The wildflower is bloodroot. It's nice to see how everything is coming along

Robin said...

There's definitely a lot springing around your place!! Looks great! Happy Spring!!

Marcia said...

I think I'll pot them up and find a place for them to spread out.

Marcia said...

Thanks, Emily. I knew you'd remember it. Are they blooming up there yet?

Marcia said...

Your gardens look good too, Robin.

wilderness said...

Oh how lovely your spring looks. Your tomatoes are shaping up nicely. My daffs haven't shown up to play yet. At least maybe this year they won't get snowed on unless they show by Monday when we are to get snow again. I just haven't been blogging at all seems there is no time lately.

Marcia said...

I heard on the radio that there is the possibility that a cold April will cause havoc for all the growing here in March. Don't know what the forecast is but we'll see.

HolleyGarden said...

You have so many vegetables sprouting! You are going to have a fabulous harvest this summer! So impressive - your beds look so nice and tidy. My daffodils turned their faces away from me, too. A bit frustrating, but I guess they don't follow instructions well! The irises you sent me are not blooming yet. Do you think they'll bloom this first year? I'm hoping so!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marcia, Thanks for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime. My hubby and I are retired also --and love to garden (flowers). He is the "Rose Man"---since we have about 55 varieties of Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses in our yard. I'm the lucky one!!!!!

I love seeing Spring in your yard/area. Our Spring has almost turned into SUMMER here.... ha

Thanks again ---and please come back to my blog. I will return to yours.

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