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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marigolds are Up!

I'm glad I check my newly planted seeds more than once a day. They reside in the very warm mechanical room next to the boiler where it's toasty warm for germinating but also very dark. These marigolds are the first to germinate so they've been moved to the grow light.

Aren't they really cute!

I use cowpots though these will have to be thinned some into other cowpots before they go into the vegetable garden to keep out the tomato horn worms.

Here's what I started them in. My peppers, eggplants and tomatoes are in domed tubs (below). Here they are on the washer before I moved them to the mechanical room and its warmth. I had some trouble with mold until I sprayed them with a mix of listerine and water per directions from my friend Wilderness at Growing and Cooking. She's posting step by step directions for seed starting on her new blog.


wilderness said...

Glad to see your marigolds have germinated. It must be nice and warm in that mechanical room. The tomatoes should follow very shortly. That room wouldn't work for me as many seed need light to germinate. You don't even cover them with soil.

Jean said...

Nice looking spouts. I don't have the room to start seeds indoors...but I am very interested in the process. Never know one day I will have the room.

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