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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Botched Forecast

The weather was calling for only a light dusting of snow, no more than an inch. As I write this we have three and it's still falling.

When I left this morning at 10 to go shopping it had just started. I came out of Kohl's and the car and parking lot were covered. When I came out of Safeway there was more than an inch and more falling.

I headed home for going the last two stops. Dan rang he was headed home from buying wood.

The stretch of road down to the Patapsco River crossing was slow going - lots of snow. Thankfully Quaker Hill had been salted or I wouldn't have made it up.

I came down the lane following one set of car tracks which I assumed were Dan's. "Good" I thought he made it up the driveway and then I had to come to a halt. There he was ahead of me backing up after trying to get up and around the first turn in the driveway. I beeped, thinking he didn't see me come behind him. I backed up to the lane and so did he. We left his car there and he drove mine up the driveway, barely getting traction on the last hill.

Why did I think I could have done that? I was glad he was the driver for that last stretch.

We'll get the snowblower out tomorrow once it's done snowing.

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