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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arghh!#@*! Those Bandits!

This season of growing I was feeling pretty good that I had mastered the balance of me versus marauding animals and that it was in my favor for a change. I had a wake up call this morning when my eyes fell on this scene on the deck.

I had had an inkling that raccoons (has to be them) had shown an interest in my pots on Monday when I found the largest one in disarray. It wasn't dumped but some of the plants were uprooted and the self watering indicator straw was out. I put it back together without thinking that it was the precursor for more destruction.

They must be looking for grubs and the potting soil is easy to dig in. They must also be frustrated to find no grubs because it is potting soil.

This morning I will repair the damage as best I can and take on another line of defense. Moth balls. Each pot will get one, even the ones they haven't touched, yet. If I have enough I'll be placing them around the vegetable garden fence line just in case they get ideas and want to dig in the rich composted soil of my vegetable garden. And I did check there this morning and they weren't there last night but there are many more summer nights for them to sneak in.

Those bandits! I had intended to do a Wordless Wednesday post today. It will have to wait. Garden damage control awaits me.


Robin said...

Oh my what a mess! I thought that the squirrels were bad...but, those raccoons are much worse!!

Good luck getting them under control!

wilderness said...

Marcia I am so sorry. What we work so hard for they can destroy in such a short time. Hope the moth balls work. I have a remedy but most don't want to hear about it.

Cathy said...

Oh Steep...I'm so sorry. I love wildlife but they can be destructive. I hope your remedy works. I don't think I'd like Wilderness's remedy! Good luck!

HolleyGarden said...

Well, I never heard of mothballs! I'm going to give that a try. We have those rascals, too. :( Do you think mothballs will work on possoms and armadillos?

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