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Monday, September 18, 2023


 This was our first and last campfire of summer '23.  How did that happen? Rain and more rain! Sometimes inches at a time.  

This campfire was spur of the moment.  Grass had not been cut for a week so it was long. Rain scheduled for the next day after having had rain the night before.  I had dismantled old wreaths so had lots of combustibles to burn.  We had just the right amount of ingredients for s'mores. My son in law had scrap wood from his summer-long project that needed to be burned. 

It was this day or not at all.

It was the perfect evening and a great ending to summer.


David M. Gascoigne, said...


Anvilcloud said...

By the look of the bare legs, I would hazard that the insect population was mostly died off. I did experience a few blackflies in the hinterland the other day, but they weren't as ferocious as they can be in spring.

Tom said...

...for September we are 1 inch below normal.

Faith said...

We were just saying Saturday when we were burning some brush that we only had 3 bonfires all summer!! One in May (Spring), one in June between rainstorms and NONE in JULY due to either too wet, and way too hot and humid; and one in august mainly because we were busy or away. We plan on having one every weekend though in Autumn as that's when it's just perfect for bonfires here in the northeast.

ENJOY the start of Autumn!!