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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Today -Wednesday


The carpenter has returned today after an absence of more than two weeks. He says he'll be here three solid days!  We'll see if that happens.  He's afraid of rain and heat.  

I'm really disgusted with his work ethic!  Luckily Dan deals with him.  He's more patient than I'd be.  I am really tired of not being able to walk out the sliding doors to the deck! Just get the work done, Mr. Carpenter!

He has his trailer parked on front lawn because of the barn work.

The barn whisperer just pulled in as I'm typing this.  He was here last evening working when we returned from a library puppet show with granddaughters.  Dan went out and helped him until 9 pm.  My evaluation of his work ethic is much better now that he's working.  I see progress with his work.


Tom said...

,,,as they say in Maui, things get done on Maui time!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's easy to get frustrated when you want the job done and sooner rather than later, but I can understand your frustration over the lag time.

Cynthia said...

It’s hard to be patient when you can imagine it all done and in use. Maybe it’s a slower way of life in the country from where you lived before. I know it is here! This is our sixth summer here and we have kind of gotten used to it. And honestly, being the outsiders I’m pretty sure they put their old tried and true customers before us in priority. I hope things keep moving along and you will be enjoying that deck very soon!

Bindu said...

It is really frustrating the work is not getting done as anticipated.