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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pennsylvania Capitol

Thursday we traveled to Harrisburg with friends to visit the capitol building, enjoy lunch at an Amish market, explore the Civil War Museum and enjoy a dinner before heading home.

Our friends have as a goal visiting all 50 capitols.  Harrisburg, PA made #11 for them.  In February they are headed to Sacramento.  I think with retirement they have had more time to do this visiting and the number listed will be increasing faster.  We went with them last year to Dover, DE.

The Pennsylvania capitol building was completed early in the 20th century and shows it in its decor.  It is spectacular with 23 k. gold leaf on so many surfaces.

Enjoy the tour.  We did.

Interesting statues in front. 
[post script since two commenters asked: the statue below was titled "Labor and Love/The Unbroken Law" representing humanity advancing through work and brotherhood.
There was a second statue on the right titled "The Burden of Life/The Broken Law" which portrays lives of degradation and spiritual burden.  I didn't take that photo, it was even more X rated.]

The dome over the rotunda.

The floor of Moravian tiles.

Paintings overhead.

Fantastic lamp fixtures.

Another view of dome.

Some of the gold leaf.

From the 4th floor looking down.

The Senate chamber.

The stain glass ceiling in the Supreme Court.

The Delegate Chamber.

Lamps that weigh 4 tons hang overhead.

Tours are conducted on the half hours.  Thankfully neither the court nor the legislature was in session or we wouldn't have be able to get into some parts of the building.


Kay said...

I've been to Harrisburg, but not to the capitol. Darn! Looks like we really missed out. Thank you for these photos.

Gosia k said...

interesting photos my grandfated was born in PA

Cynthia said...

WHAT is going on in that sculpture in front of the Capitol! LOL. The building is gorgeous inside. Your friend should do a book when they finish all the capitols. It would be fun to compare them all.

Tom said...

...what a beauty!

diane b said...

Wow what a beautiful building and built so long ago. Thanks for the tour.

Fun60 said...

Great photos. I visited Harrisburg and walked around the outside of these magnificent buildings. Too late to catch a tour unfortunately.

Silver Willow said...

beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Astonishing! And beautiful.

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful capitol.... It's fun to choose something (such as seeing all of the capitols) and then meeting that goal... George and I had as a goal many years ago to visit as many different waterfalls as we could... Think we saw WAY over 1000 before changing gears and doing something else.... It was FUN....

Wonder what that statue was trying to depict?????


Stewart M said...

They really dont build them like that anymore. And if we did, I wonder what it would cost!

Cheers - Stewart M - (back in) Melbourne

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