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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last Year at This Time ...

... we were on our way back from a European vacation and then preparing for our move to Vantage House.  Our one year anniversary of moving here is approaching.

Here are some highlights from that vacation trip previously featured in many posts.




Scenes from the river boat




Cresky Krumlov





Notice all the food photos?  Lots of memories involve food.

Looking forward to our next trip across the Atlantic at the end of September - two weeks in Scotland where we will be based outside of Stirling and taking day trips from there.


Tom said...

...food is an important part of life!

Gosia k said...

Nice trip i have visited those pkaces really fantastic

Cranberry Morning said...

Fantastic photos! How long were you in Europe? Was that a river cruise? I hope you have a wonderful time in Scotland. We're taking 12 days in England end of September. I always love it - but I'll admit that it's a little difficult to leave Wisconsin in the fall, for it's our most beautiful time of year.

Cynthia said...

What wonderful memories, and even more wonderful to have a trip to Scotland to anticipate so soon!

Nora said...

Really lovely photos! I like all the photos of your trip and the buildings and the food too. Have a great weekend. cheers

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