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Friday, December 2, 2016

Sackler Gallery - Part 2

In Tuesday's post I mentioned that our trip to the Sackler Gallery had been to see the Turquoise Mountain exhibit.  This exhibit focuses on an effort to renew the traditional artisan skills in Afghanistan.  Turquoise Mountain is a charitable organization funded from many sources.
This exhibit was unusual because we were allowed to touch most everything shown.  The only exception was the jewelry.

One community in Kabul that had been devastated by all the wars was Murad Khani.  This is the focus of Turquoise Mountain's efforts to train new artisans in the old skills that were being lost with the wars.

One of the traditional crafts that had been set aside by the Russian occupation was woodworking.  

This sphere has no nails.

 Wooden screens like this one had multiple purposes.  They kept the hot sunlight out of the house, but let breezes through.  Again no nails in the construction of these.

Carved wood decorates restored houses again.

Jewelry making was another resurrected craft.

Woven carpets.  The one below was done in 4 months time.

Wool and cotton are the materials for carpets.

That one carpet had incredibly intricate patterns.

Even the underside was beautiful.  It was the work of multiple craftpersons.

Other examples hung on the walls.

We had an excellent docent to guide us through the exhibit.  He's on the left.

The last craft was pottery.

Isn't this bowl beautiful?

Men throw the bowls and women incise the design before glazing and firing the bowls.

For more information on Turquoise Mountain visit this site.


Fun60 said...

That is an inspired idea to teach these traditional skills. Let's hope that it is successful.

Tom said...

...please touch is a nice sign!

doodles n daydreams said...

Lovely work all of it.


Cynthia said...

Beautiful designs, and I love the colors in the carpets. It's a wonderful exhibit.

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