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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Great Spot for a Family Reunion

Last Sunday my extended family gathered for three nights at the Three Otters Eco Retreat in Great Cacapon, West Virginia.  There were 20 adults ranging in age from 20 something to 70s, and 10 children ranging in age from 4 weeks to 7 years.  

Three Otters has a wide range of accommodations from a three bedroom cabin to a flying tent.  It's "glamour camping" because they provide the sheets and beds.  We brought our own towels and food.

This is the tent Dan and I stayed in.  We had a futon mattress to sleep on and lots of room. 

 Three Otters has a yurt with a queen bed, a cottage tent with lots of single beds, three vintage trailers and three pop up trailers.  There are other tent choices including one that is strung in the trees - flying!  Youll' have to go to their website for photos of those accommodations.  I neglected to photograph them.

There were three kitchens to use: one in the cabin; another in the river kitchen where there was seating; and a third called the grill kitchen where a large screened dining room gave us enough room for everyone.

Here's breakfast prep in the river kitchen and below Dan awaits breakfast there.

Here are my oldest brother and sister in law after dinner in the grill kitchen screened dining room.

Bathrooms?  In the cabin, in the river kitchen and four in the bathhouse on stilts.

Activities?  The Potomac River was the primary draw and favorite spot to hang out, swim, kayak, or tube.    

There was hiking on the property or across the river on the C & O Canal tow path.
There were games in the grill kitchen dining room. 

Here Matt is assembling a structure in the river kitchen.

 There was a large field for outdoor games.

And a spot for campfires which we had every night.

Four of my five siblings were there.  All of us had some members of our families not in attendance.  The hope is that we have restarted the tradition of getting together that our parents had.  Plans for next year are already in the works.

As I said a great spot for a family reunion.

My daughter took a photo of the vintage trailer they stayed in.  There were two more of these.



Gosia k said...

interesting place for relax

Tom said...

Glamorous camping I'll say. What a fabulous spot for family fun!

Margaret Adamson said...

A gorgeous area to gocamping with the family and you obviously all enjoyed it.

Dawn Y. said...

What a wonderful family tradition, Marcia! This looks like a great place for groups to gather and play together! Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

Mersad said...

A wonderful place for a family reunion and get together. It's always nice to see family getting along or at least making the effort to see each other! Thank you for linking in with "Through My Lens"

Mersad Donko Photography

Betsy Adams said...

Quite an interesting retreat center... Looks like a great place for a family reunion. Hope you all can keep yours going yearly. I don't have much family left--but we did have one reunion once and it was GREAT...

Love the sleeping possibilities available there... Interesting.


Andrea Priebe said...

Family reunions can be a hoot or a disaster depending on the family. Clearly yours had a wonderful time and I think it is great that you are planning for next year. Here in America we seem to spread out all over and only see family on occasion so it is good to have a planned occasion where everyone can spend time catching up and sharing the love. Very nice, Marcia

Andrea @ From The Sol

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