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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Hampshire Visit

We spent the weekend in New Hampshire providing babysitting for our 20 month old granddaughter so her parents could have their first getaway overnight.  What a thrill that was! Truly!

Here are a very few photos of the lovely New England Fall.  More to come in future posts.

Mount Ascutney

Granddaughter - no front views allowed.
Below they are looking for rabbits hiding in the houses.


Tom said...

First let me say that you found some awesome fall color, I haven't been quite so lucky thus year. I like your approach to photographing your granddaughter (cutie I must add). I try hard not to reveal the identity of my family, that's a private matter. If you care to know what I look like (and who would) find my reflection in my car photos.

Margaret Adamson said...

Very beautiful fall colours. Funny when I photograph adults I always ask if they mine their photograph on my blog, I also ask if I can photograpph a child or would they prefer a back view and I am amazed as most of them give permission me to shot it face view on.

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