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Friday, June 26, 2015

London - One Year Ago

One year ago this was our final full day in London, England.  It definitely was quite a culture shock after being in the quiet hills and vales of the Cotswolds for the week before.  I know I didn't take as many photos as I had when we were walking.  Here are some I did take that are not the usual composition.

St. Pauls Cathedral

 Museum of London
Notice the gaping mouth!

Below a small garden that must have been a graveyard at one time.  I hope Marie of After 60 and the Next 10 can identify this one for me.

 More statures around St. Paul's.

 Leaden Hall

The restaurant at the British Museum.


Fun60 said...

I really like the unusual views you have photographed. Not sure which graveyard that is but the 5th photo is Postman's Park with the memorial plaques to everyday heroes. (http://www.postmanspark.org.uk/about.html)

Marcia said...

Thanks, Marie. I knew you'd recognize it. The graves are in that same little park. I;m sorry I didn't get under the shed to see the plaques because I do remember reading or hearing a story about those everyday heroes. You also wrote about it on a blog.

Margaret Adamson said...

Lovely to see all the places you visited and you certainly pushed in a lot whie in London. Have a lovely weekend.

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