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Saturday, June 20, 2015

B and Bs from Our Cotswold Vacation

Last year at this time we were on our walking tour of the Cotswolds.  What a marvelous vacation adventure that was. Our accommodations were arranged for us and our luggage transported from town to town so there were no hassles with that.

Here are some photos of where we stayed.

Moreton-on-Marsh was our first and last nights.  The hotel was the Redesdale Arms an easy walk from the train station.

In Stow-on-the-Wold stayed at Cross Keys

Comfortable but ceilings low and room very small.

Garden was off limits.

In Bourton-on-the-Water the owner of the B and B we were booked into had overbooked.  She discovered her error in time to book us into her brother in law's, Manor Close which was closer to the center of town.  

Guiting Power we stayed at Guiting Guest House.

In Winchcombe, Jenny Cheshire was our hostess.  She did our laundry for free!

In Broadway we stayed at Hadley House in a very uncomfortable bed.
That open window was our room.

In Chipping Camden we stayed in the oldest building yet, the Old Bakehouse. It overlooked the main street.  

Our room was at the windows above Dan's head.

One comment about B and Bs in the Cotswolds: they are not like B and Bs in the States.  They are more like guest houses since there is very little public space in the house or the gardens.  Only in Guiting Power and in Winchcombe were we welcome in the garden.  Primarily your space is limited to your room and the breakfast room which is only open in the morning.

More on our Cotswold vacation in 2014 starts here. Select newer posts at the bottom of that page to see more of the trip.


Fun60 said...

Exactly what it says on the tin - Bed and Breakfast. No more, no less. They vary so much from the delightfully charming and quaint to the more uncomfortable and charmless. All part of the adventure.

Margaret Adamson said...

Yes Like the above commentor say it B & B. They do vary around the countryside in the UK and cannot be compared to how other countries do B & B. Every country has its own style. Now an uncomfotable bed is not acceptable!

Marcia said...

I guess we should have said something about that bed that did not give us a good night's rest.

B and Bs here in the States usually have common room spaces to use so you aren't confined to your room. Didn't expect such limits in the UK. Live and learn.

Tom said...

Such beautiful little villages. Tom The Backroads Traveller

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