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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Planting

What a glorious spring day!

Perfect for tackling the first spring planting in the vegetable garden,

Here's a before photo with the leftover stalks of the snow peas from last fall and leaf mulch covering some of the beds.

Filled the compost bin that sits next to the gate with debris.

Tried to take compost from the bottom but it wasn't ready.

So I went to the other compost bin next to the deck at the perennial garden.

Isn't this lovely compost?

I planted 3 small beds of snow peas.

I weeded and fertilized the garlic including a dressing of compost.

I planted rows of lettuce (Mesclun, baby leaf, Little Gem, Amish speckled bib).

I planted spinach (Regiment Hybrid).   Last year was not a good year for spinach for me so I'm trying a new variety.

I planted tatsoi, bok choy and pak choi.

Here's the after photo.  Ignore the weeds in the pathways.  I have a new plan to keep down weeds this year.

And speaking of new plans, I'm on a mission to keep the deer out of the other gardens.

The vegetable garden with its fence is well protected.  And though the fence height is one deer could jump, they don't jump this one because there's no safe landing spots for them.  They only bother greens growing on the fence like the cucumbers last year.

Stay tuned for my grand deer protection plan for the perennial, glen and pond gardens.  


Fun60 said...

Gosh Marcia, you have been busy! I hope your back isn't aching too much today. Clever system for keeping the deer away.

Tom said...

Around here the ground is still frozen with mud here and there. Tom The Backroads Traveller

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