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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Year that Was - Spring 2014

Though our first grandchild came in February 2014 I think of her as a breath of spring!
Spring also brought a redo of the front garden and a renaming it Mom's Garden in memoir of my mom.
Spring last year was good for all the gardens.


Fun60 said...

I share your joy. I love spending time just gazing at my granddaughter. Your garden looks as though it is thriving.

Margaret Adamson said...

grand children are a wonderful new part of life adn your garden looks lovely.

Bethany Carson said...

I'm ready for spring! Thanks for the lovely shots from a greener time of year!

Marie said...

First grandchild! How wonderful! We have only the one, and he recently turned 13. There's nothing like it! Love your gardens as well.

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