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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Photo-less Wednesday Comments

1. My camera needs repair.  I'm sending it off today to Canon to do just that.  It still takes pictures but the display is not working so I'm not quite sure what the photo will look like.  It has served me well so it makes sense to repair it but in looking at new cameras I found one to put on my wish list.  Maybe ...

2. On this October oneth the trees are saying its fall.  Every tree has a mix of green and yellow or brown or reddish brown.  Soon the predominant will not be green.

3. Wedding planning continues.  The invites have been out two weeks and responses are trickling in.  It's definitely a study in who keeps a calendar and who doesn't.  I can only imagine where some of those invitations are now buried on desks, dining room tables, or junk drawers.  Dan says if we don't hear from some it must mean they're not coming.  Is that really true?  Or did they just forget about it, lose the invitation?

4. My vegetable garden has been cleaned up for winter.  I still have zucchini growing - the latest in the season that has happened.  The lettuce is lovely and the snow peas are blooming and forming nice pods.  Wish I could show you.  Garlic from Fedco is on its way so planting of that will happen this month.

5.  My bedtime reading is a book on gardening myths.  One of which is that perennial gardens are easier than annual gardens.  This is a myth and I can attest to that.  When you plant a perennial you think that all you have to do is keep it trimmed and fertilized.  Well, that perennial likes to grow, and spread, and send out seeds or runners and before you know it wants to take over.  It's work to keep them in bounds.  I spent a good amount of time in my perennial garden yesterday pulling weeds and perennial seedlings that I decided had to go.  There would have been a time that I would have transplanted those seedlings but not yesterday.  More needs doing but maybe not today.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi, Welcome back.. I'm sure the wedding plans are going well. Wonder if --in the future--people will go to another way of getting the invitations out (such as email)??????? Not sure I like that --since I'm one who still enjoys sending Christmas cards... ha....

We bought a new kind of mulch this past spring (one with a weed killer in it) ---and it has helped SO much . We have most perennials --and our biggest problem is that the chipmunks and squirrels dig up the bulbs!!!!

Have a great weekend.

amanda | wildly simple said...

Good luck with your camera!
I ran into trouble with my computer, and my hard drive has been sent away for data recovery.
Without my usual computer it's been harder for me to share photos.. I don't normally load them to my laptop.
Our leaves are past their peek, all the colors have fallen to the ground. And we also had a lot of snow fall to the ground Friday. Thank goodness it didn't stay!

Wedding planning and perennial plants - both require a good deal of work!
PS: Lake Tahoe looked wonderful!

Fun60 said...

I had a good laugh at your description of the missing invitations. I'm sure everyone has good intentions about replying but then out of sight, out of mind. Hope your camera is sorted soon.

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