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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Painting Project Completed

Dan built the swing that sits on the edge of the glen maybe 8 years ago.  (Photo from early this spring.)Just in the last couple of weeks we were sitting on it and I proposed painting it to match the cladding on our windows

So I did this week.  I started it yesterday with sanding, priming and the first coat.  Couldn't put on the second coat because rain was in the forecast.  Second coat completed this afternoon.

Now my watercolor teacher said that with a color like this you need it repeated an odd number of times.  So I painted a birdhouse and the roofs on some small garden art birdhouses. 

Now I see that I had this color already on the deck in a pot.  Well, still an odd number of times: swing, birdhouse, pot, roof 1 and roof 2.

I'm liking the transformation and to top it off Dan says its more comfortable to sit on.

1 comment:

Fun60 said...

You have made an excellent job of that swing and I like the idea of the odd number.

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