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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Front Garden Makeover in Honor of Mom

The Front Garden makeover happened in two steps.  I posted here about the pathway changes and now today the landscapers from Sun Nursery came to do the clean-up, planting and mulching.

Here are some before, during and after shots.

I don't have any photos from last year of this garden.  I was so disgusted with how it looked.  The weeds just got out of hand. And the lavender so straggly.

I had created this pathway of sorts but it was a precarious trail.

Here's the new pathway.

This is how the Russian sage looked this morning before work started.

Russian sage is to the left and lavender to the right.  Liriope to far right.  

You can see some of the weeds.

There are Autumn Joy sedum between the lavender and liriope.  They will stay.

Jose and his crew started right in pulling out the lavender.

Then removing Russian sage.

They raked it all clear.

Then mulched the entire garden.

I have this much mulch left to spread on other beds.

A vast improvement.

Here are 5 pink muhley grass clumps. In front are two clumps of sedum they divided for me and transplanted down at this end.

This lavender - Munstead dwarf English lavender - will not get as woody as the Provence type I had.

This is Early Amethyst beauty berry, one of 5.

A fitting tribute to my Mom who loved to garden, too.

I guess I can remove the Miss Utility markers now.


Fun60 said...

What a difference. You must be delighted with the results. Thanks for correcting my mistake. It was obvious once I had read your comment!

HolleyGarden said...

Impressive, Marcia! I didn't think the before looked so bad, but I know how it feels to be disgusted with an area, and I bet you are so satisfied - and relieved - to have this area made over. Mulching is one job I just hate to do, but it makes such a difference in looks. Your pathway looks great, too. Very inviting.

Sam Lucas said...

Awww! I'm sure your mom will love the work you did on the garden. That is a very touching gift, indeed. I can tell how much effort you put in it, seeing as how it improved greatly. I'm excited to see how the Munstead Dwarf English Lavender will turn out. Keep us updated! Thanks for sharing! :)

Sam Lucas @ Green Collar

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