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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to Plant Tomatoes

If this volunteer tomato can grow this big, it's definitely time to plant tomatoes.  And it was going to happen today except it rained during my window of opportunity this afternoon and continued to rain into this evening.  Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.  In the meantime I'm pleased with how the veggies are progressing.

 Volunteer pumpkin with carrots and 2nd planting of snowpeas.
 Bok choy with carrots behind
Bok choy with carrots behind.

Snowpeas in bloom



Patricia said...

I never have the heart to pull out a volunteer. If it worked that hard to get that far, I figure it deserves a chance! What is the covering you have over one of your raised beds? Is it for a green house effect or is it to protect from critters?

Robin said...

Wow, your garden looks great...very happy and healthy! I put all the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in at the plots in the rain. I had no choice due to our vacation.

Jenny said...

Beautiful greens! And it's amazing how large that volunteer tomato and pumpkin grew! love all the pea in bloom - soon you'll have a harvest of peas!

Amber said...

Everything looks great! Your outside veggies are about a week or two ahead of me. What are your raised beds made out of?

Marcia said...

The covering was first purchased to protect the beds from critters before we had the fencing. I put it over the broccoli hoping it will keep out the moths that lay eggs and produce caterpillars. I don't know if it has worked. I had to change from the smaller one to the larger screen as the broccoli grew.

I think I'll leave that volunteer in there. It makes me wonder if next year I should try seeding the tomatoes in the garden since this volunteer is as big as my indoor grown plants.

Marcia said...

Yes - I'm so looking forward to the snowpeas. One of my all time favorite spring crops.

Marcia said...

Amber - the raised beds came from Gardener's Supply. They're made of hard plastic and easy to assemble. Each year I've gotten a few more so that this year I think I've maxed out my space inside the fence.

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