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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Several years ago I bought one foxglove to plant in the perennial garden.  That parent plant is long gone but before it departed it produced many offspring.  Foxgloves are biennials so they only live two years.  Lucky for me that one plant was prolific with its seeds and I was able to move volunteers all over the garden.  They are an every other year sort of plant and last year they didn't amount to much though I saw their green leaves all over and had to move them out of certain spots.  This year, it's another story.  I have to wonder if I have encouraged an invasion of foxglove into my woods.

Last week - beginnings of the flowering cycle along the glen.

 Today the spikes are filling up with open flowers. 
             Above: Last week along the glen edge. (See the Jack in the pulpit?)                             Below: today the blooms are out.   
Here's another new bloom in the perennial garden, very much like the foxglove and a Mother's Day gift from years ago.  The lupine.
And here's my Mother's Day gift this year awaiting the rains to stop so it can be planted.


Jenny said...

I love foxglove flowers! they're so striking and really stand out among the greens.

Marcia said...

The deer don't like them so I can move them wherever I want without worry.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marcia, I always enjoy seeing Foxglove --but have never grown any myself. I didn't know that they are biennials. BUT--it sounds like that grow and spread well. Beautiful plants/flowers.

Love your Mother's Day gift this year too!!!!! Gorgeous!

Have a great day.

Patricia said...

I am not familiar with foxgloves but I love the idea of seeing them spread their beauty!

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