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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How It Looks Here

I spent the afternoon fertilizing everything with Miracle Gro which I know is a no no for some of you but the plants love it.  Then because its that time of year that deer love to find those new green shoots, I gave the tastiest greens a third dose of Liquid Fence in this month.  I find I need to do it often in the early spring because the greens like the hostas and day lilies are growing so fast.  Also I'm training the deer visitors for this year to stay away.  Liquid Fence sends the message that things smell bad in my yard so stick to the woods.

So here are a few shots of how things are looking.  First the hostas in various stages of growth.  You can see the blush of green on the trees.  Won't be long before they're in full leaf.
 See the bird house in the background.  I hung that up today and went in to get something else.  When I returned the chickadee was already checking it out.

 You can see the smudges of liquid fence on the hostas below.

These hostas next to the stone wall of the house are the farthest along.

 Fiddle heads!

 Love the bleeding heart!

 In the vegetable garden the mesclun,
 the tatsoi,
 the snow peas,

 the bok choy,
 one of four broccoli,
 and blueberry blossoms which mean blueberries this year.
 In this bed I planted a second sowing of carrots and snow peas yesterday.
 The spinach bed.
 And I did have frost damage the other day.  It killed off the volunteer pumpkins and tomatoes and damaged this hydrangea.

Finally, the gold fish are alive and well until we have a visit from a great blue heron again.  The visit last spring wiped out most of them except for the ones who knew to hide.  They have multiplied and now are available again to that bird.


Robin said...

Beautiful photos Marcia! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your spring with us!

HolleyGarden said...

Your hostas are gorgeous! What a pain to have to put out Liquid Fence all the time. I'm wondering if my newest area will be visited by deer. It's the only part of the garden not fenced in. Your fish are so pretty. When I first put goldfish in the big pond, I splurged on some butterfly goldfish. They were so pretty. And they were the first to get eaten! (I think by a raccoon.)

Jean said...

Your plants look marvelous! I especially like the photos of the Fiddleheads. Your Bleeding Hearts are very pretty. Made me remember to check on mine (which have just begun to bloom).
I hope the Chickadee decides to nest in your birdhouse. They are fun to watch.

The Sage Butterfly said...

So much is coming up in your garden. Your hostas are lovely...and those fiddleheads, gorgeous! I don't have a problem with deer because we have a fence, but I do have problems with rabbits. Sometimes my garden does not smell too good, either. :)

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