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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Rainy Garden Visit: Part 1 - Peonies

Emily and I took a little jaunt today to see Cider Hill Gardens and Gallery in Windsor, VT. I learned about this place last Saturday when I went to the Vermont Show House.

The rain wasn't supposed to start until this afternoon but we awoke to it. We dressed in lots of layers and she had a rain coat so I used the umbrella. It was a rainy wet visit.

Today was Peony Day at Cider Hill so we arrived early enough to view the gallery of paintings and sculpture by members of the Cornish Colony Artist's Guild and then at 10:30 attend the daily talk by the owners of Cider Hill, Sarah and Gary Milek.

They showed us and 6 others around the gardens sharing their knowledge of peonies. They have an incredible assortment to show off and for sale.

There are lots of other plants that I will share photos of in later posts. Check back another day.


wilderness said...

Just catching up on ready blogs. Love the pictures of your garden angels.

Cedar Hill looks like a lovely place. The owners and the buildings look so Vermont. I am sure their tour was very interesting.

wilderness said...

Oh well that should be reading blogs.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, what beautiful plants - and how nice to be able to ask questions. Did you purchase any?