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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Visitor

Haven't had one of these to visit for a number of years. It's a sizable one, too. My fear is it will eat the creeping phlox which is what was nibbled in the past. I think I doused it with Liquid Fence which is supposed to work for rabbits as well as deer.

And one of my pepper plants under the grow light has set a bud. See it?


HolleyGarden said...

uh-oh. Not a good thing to see in the garden! I hope your Liquid Fence works. I've never tried it - my liquid fence is a cat!

Robin said...

We have so many bunnies here that I always use some type of bunny spray. Every couple of years I have to change the type and brand because they do get used to it.

I saw that little bud :) I just noticed one on one of my pepper plants today when I took them out to the greenhouse to live!

Unknown said...

I was chasing around rabbits all day today. We seem to have at least a dozen running around at all times. You're right, need to up the amount of liquid fence.