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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Goldfish Live! and Other Signs of Spring!

The goldfish are just patches of gold in the pond water but they are alive and swimming after being in a deep freeze for months. How do they do it?

In this photo you can see some of the ice still lingering but the goldfish don't seem to mind.

The pond is filled with lots of leaves which will need cleaning out when it warms enough for me to put on my boots and wade in there.

Daffodils are showing promise.

And some of the crocuses say there is enough bright sun for them to show their faces to it.


HolleyGarden said...

I have goldfish, too, and I just love those little things! Aren't crocus the sweetest little bulb?

Jean said...

My Goldfish are out and about. But...some critter caught the large Mom and Pop.:(
Spring is here!

Visitor Counter said...

I love fishes and watching goldfish live is amazing.I like the flowers also.

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