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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Resident Fox

Our resident fox came visiting this morning. I first saw him in the perennial garden and he was favoring his right front paw. He stopped in one of those flower beds and licked and gnawed on that paw for awhile. When he headed through the backyard towards the pond I figured I had a chance to catch him on camera. Sure enough he worked his way around the pond and above he is headed toward the suet feeder pole.

He came on towards my window in my study.

Stopped and looked right at me as if he was posing for my camera.

Then headed off on his rounds limping as he went.

I hope he heals.


Robin said...

What beautiful pictures! It's so hard to get a good look at a fox. I had one on the farm where I lived before I moved here. I would only catch a glimse of it's tail on occasion when I was on the tractor mowing. One day, I sat in the field and turned around and he was right there. That is the only time I saw that fox.

Dan said...

That is so cool! The Fox certainly looks healthy, must eat well.