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Sunday, June 7, 2009


I take it very personally when a plant doesn't do well. I figure it is partly my fault as the gardener. I have several disappointments this year. I had three purple cone flower plants last year. The ground hog did a number on them but I thought my chicken wire had helped them survive. Well, only one came back this year and the ground hog is at it again. I've put chicken wire around it and am hoping for its survival.

I purchased marigolds and planted them in various spots. They are slowly succumbing to the slugs or at least that's what I think is getting them.

On the north side I have lots of lavender. This is the third year for these plants. I am saddened by the amount of die off with these plants. Look at these pictures. What happened to make these die back so?

I trimmed as much of the dead parts out as I could. I even did it twice. I don't know if they will fill out or not.This is the worst one. I don't know if any of it will come back.


Emily said...

Was it a harsher winter? Maybe they were more affected by temperature or ice this winter.

Dan said...

This past winter killed a few of my perennials as well. The one that I am particularly annoyed about is my climbing hydrangea. It died after our February thaw followed by a deep freeze a few weeks later. The lavender could have died back from a few things. It could be the variety, English lavender is the hardiest of them all. If they were wet for a prolonged period that could have done it. Lavender also aren't particularly long lived and should be replanted ever few years to keep your stock going.

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