Welcome reader to my blog - a mixture of this and that. Now that we are living in a retirement community in downtown Columbia, MD my personal gardening activities are somewhat curtailed. I still enjoy visiting gardens, reading, watching wildlife on my walks, traveling, and occasional food commentary. Please leave a comment if you feel inspired to do so. I read every one of them.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Comments Welcome

Family, friends and visitors, I welcome your comments. It's easy to comment once you have a google account. Go up to Create a Blog and create a free account. No need to take the next step to make your own blog (though it is also easy). You only need a valid email, a password of your choice, and a screen name also of your choice. Once you have these you can leave me and other blogs with your comments. Please consider it. I'd like to hear from you.

1 comment:

Marie Crizer said...

So I just spent the last hour or more reading your blog as well as Dan's. Where have I been? Under some rock I guess. This is amazing and I think I will have to take up the hobby. I loved your pictures of the sunrise. Can you ask Matt to send me the pictures he took of us at Christmas? Maybe I will just got to Emily's blog and ask her!! Now there is a thought. Happy New Year Marcia, Love Marie

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