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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surprise in the Backyard

Several weeks ago I mentioned to Dan that since we had taken down the one dead pine tree, he may want to consider taking down the other one. He said he would if he had to gas up his chain saw for any reason. Well, the wind took care of the tree for us.

I arrived home today and was looking at the pond to see how full all the rain had filled it. Glancing beyond the pond I realized that the landscape had changed. The tree had fallen.
With the ground saturated and the tree being dead, I imagine a strong gust took it down. The two birdhouses that had hung from the tree were easily within reach and saved. I'll have to find new spots to hang those next spring.

1 comment:

browneyes said...

what are you going to use now to hang the bird feeders and bird houses?

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