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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Four Kinds of Irises

Four kinds of irises are blooming in this picture. Three are purple varieties but not the same size or shade.

These white ones are with the purple.

This iris is blooming in another bed all by itself.

All my irises came to me from either my mother-in-law or friends. I have yet to make a purchase of an iris. The ones I got from the former were labeled but I mixed up the labels so that's why there are now three purples in close proximity. One day - not this spring- I will mark them when they bloom and separate them better. A job for retirement.

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Dan said...

Very nice mix of Irises. I have dwarf Irises & the Iris reticulata that I had the photos up of early this spring. All the dwarf ones are currently in pot from being dug up last fall. I need to find them a new home in the yard very soon.

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