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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Walk Around the Yard

Wednesday was the day to tackle the list of tasks that I've had on my to do list since September started. I've managed to get to some of them slowly here and there through the last month but I decided that yesterday was the day and if something didn't get done it could wait until spring.  So here are some things I checked off: cleaning the porch and packing up the knick knacks and cushions; moving garden art and hoses to the shed; transporting pots of plants I want to winter over to the vestibule; dumping out pots of annuals into the compost bin; and cleaning up the vegetable garden and planting the garlic.

When I was done it was time to walk around and admire the fall day.

I found lots of evidence that the deer are finding my yard again.  I stopped my Liquid Fence treatments in September so the deer are back.  They are nibbling the ratty hosta leaves that will soon be mush when a hard frost hits.

I don't mind.  It will fatten them up for my brother-in-law who is hunting on our property this fall.  Haven't heard that he's gotten one yet. I just have to be sure to start the Liquid Fence at the first sign of spring next year to break them of their habit of visiting me.

Here are some of the flowers still in bloom.

The vegetable garden looks good cleaned up.

Garlic has been planted here.

Some of what's growing: carrots,

lettuce, bok choy and spinach,

and more bok choy.

In cleaning up I found this cucumber and this handful of green beans.

I harvested these young bok choy for a soup for dinner.

I didn't have the heart to pull these marigolds still blooming profusely.

The blueberry bushes have their fall colors showing.

Beautiful time of year!


Dan said...

Nice walk through!

HolleyGarden said...

Your blooms are pretty, but the foliage color is fantastic! Oh, those towering trees are gorgeous! And your blueberry plant is so pretty, too. You have a lot of vegetables still growing. I have just put in my fall vegetable garden, having ripped up everything from summer. And I haven't forgotten about your surprise - I just haven't been to the post office lately.

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