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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Does the Vegetable Garden Look Like?

I was out this morning taking photos but only posted the perennial pictures (see posting below) and not the vegetable garden ones. I hope I'm not jinxing myself but the garden is doing so well: no critters or bugs so far. We've seen the rabbit and the ground hog close but there are no holes under the fence.
These Rutger tomatoes will be tied to the fence soon. They're almost tall enough to start that next week.

This is the newest raised bed. I could have filled it more but ran out of soil. I planted cucumbers on the fence side and two basil plants with dill seeded between them.

Here are the Amish paste with the first sowing of bush beans on the left.

At the other end of that bed are the Goldies.

I know I need to start pulling scallions because these look very crowded don't they?

The rest of the Rutgers being trained on to netting with the garlic behind them.

Lettuce and spinach bed. I need to make room for peppers and eggplants next week.

And finally the snow peas nice and full with a few blossoms starting to show themselves. (Click on the photo to enlarge and see if you can't see the blossoms on the left side.) My fall spinach which you have seen on most of my Harvest Monday posts is in front. There are two hills of zucchini planted in this bed but neither has germinated. The first hill was planted April 30th so I'm thinking those seeds were duds. Maybe the second sowing will show since I used a different set of seeds for that.

Next week I will work out how to fit in the peppers and eggplants using walls 'o water for some to keep them hot. They need to go into the lettuce and the pea beds since those are the spring crops. As you can see from the photo they need more nutrients than they are getting from these pots right now. But some of the peppers are flowering already so that's a good sign.


Cathy said...

Boy I'm full of questions! But anyway, why do you have the plastic cups around your tomato plants? I'll be planting mine soon. Loved your veggy garden! I didn't realize you could get so much in such a small space.

Robin said...

Everything looks great Marcia! I have some peas here at the house that are 3' tall with not blossoms yet.

Yes, those peppers look they are in need of planting.

wilderness said...

Marcia everything is looking great I am envious. You pepper plants will do fine. Mix up a tablespoon of Epsom salts with a gallon of water and spray the leaves. You will be amazed how that will green them up and also help to set those blossoms.

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